European Street Racing

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Drive as fast as you can through the major European cities


  • Realistic graphics and physics
  • Challenging races


  • No online servers to play

Very good

Racing at top speed through the streets of the most important European cities is probably not the best way to do some tourism, but it certainly gives you a rush of adrenaline.

European Street Racing is mainly aimed at all those car tuning fans who dream of disputing dangerous high-speed races along city streets and roads. Well, this game makes your dream come true without hurting anybody, nor ending up in jail. You'll be able to race against one or more competitors, controlled either by AI or by other players around the world in the multiplayer mode, while enjoying a highly detailed scenario set in London, Madrid, Paris or Berlin, to name a few. As you progress through the game, you'll earn money to pimp up your car or maybe buy a new one.

The speed sensation is very realistic too, but at the same time the car is easy to control. Bear in mind that besides trying to win the race, you must avoid all sorts of obstacles, including other people's cars on your way. This only makes the game more challenging and fun, especially when trying to pass by obstacles as closely as possible. On the downside, I didn't have the opportunity to test multiplayer races, as there were no Internet servers online.

Test your driving skills and race through the streets of seven of Europe’s principal cities including Moscow, Warsaw, London, Paris, Madrid, Berlin and Hamburg.

Slide round the corners of Moscow pushing your super car to the limits and your opponents into the wall; cruise over London Bridge at eye-watering speeds, dodging oncoming traffic and ignoring speed cameras; and if you’re lagging behind in Madrid, use some Nitro to destroy the competition, just don’t destroy your car!

Construction sites, traffic, pedestrians, obstacles, speed cameras, and more danger than you can possibly imagine at high speed await you. Choose from a selection of modified super cars, tuning options, day and night racing modes. Drive as fast as you like and beat your mates on LAN and Internet… you will race against real players all over Europe!

Take a look at what this game features for you:

  • The only racing game with 7 original European cities
  • 12 car models inspired from the hottest European cars
  • Destructible cars and objects, day und night modus, spectacular stunts, tuning options
  • Race against your friends in LAN and Internet

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European Street Racing


European Street Racing Demo

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